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"Our students, family, educators, and community deserve a transparent and functional school board. Denver Public Schools has the potential to be an effective, high-achieving school district. I am ready to work alongside our community to make this happen!”

- Kimberlee Sia 

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Campaign Commitments 

Visits to Every District 1 School Every Year

As the representative for all schools in District 1, it is important for me to understand what is happening in the schools. I commit to visiting every school at least one time per year. I want to experience the day-to-day life of each school to see what is going well and where there are areas that need support. I’m also excited to more informally engage with the school at special events and celebrations!

Quarterly Town Hall Meetings

Decisions made by the school board should be informed by the people most impacted by these decisions. As your District 1representative, I commit to holding quarterly Town Hall meetings for students, families, educators, and community members. I want to share in your celebrations, learn about the exciting happenings at your schools, and create space to hear your concerns, answer questions, and gather feedback. 


Students, educators, and families deserve better.

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Putting My Experience to Work

I am a lifelong educator and passionate advocate for quality education. I am also the mother of two DPS students with different learning needs and educational interests. Our family decided to move from the suburbs to Denver when our youngest child started kindergarten so we could enroll in Denver Public Schools. We believe in the strength of the public education Denver Public Schools has to offer all families. We have been fortunate to participate in the school choice process to ensure both of our children’s schools supported them to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. 


As I was growing up, my mom instilled in me how important education was as a pathway to success. As a first-generation college student, I intimately understand the challenges and barriers students face in their educational journeys. My own education experiences have shaped my belief that every student deserves an education that equips them for a successful future. I am deeply committed to creating an educational system that provides equitable opportunities for all, regardless of their background or circumstances.

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